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Nick Hoult is the Master!

Jun. 13th, 2009 | 10:28 pm
posted by: chasepan in prettyboyfandom

Title: Doctor Who, Jesse and Jeremy episode 97

Pairings: Mostly the Doctor with Jesse and Jeremy but also the Master and others

Rating: Mostly XXX, part 97 is PG-13 or R

Summary: The Doctor has fallen in love with two 20 somethings who saved his life. Currently: there's a time mess on Gallifrey, the Doctor's been missing for years, but only a few weeks to the boys. ANd he's degenerating back through his many prvious selves. Currenly he changed from the Patrick Stewart Doctor into the former Adam Rickitt Doctor.

This new chapter, 97, sees the debut of the Nick Hoult (SKINS) Master!


Doctor Who (Adam Rickitt), Jesse and Jeremy 94

Jan. 1st, 2009 | 11:07 am
posted by: chasepan in prettyboyfandom

The 94th chapter of this story has action packed thrills with Daleks and soap opera characters including UK, US, and Australia. Derek from Slutty Summer and Four Letter Word appears. This chapter has no sex in it and is probably rated PG13 for violence only. Some language. Adric appears briefly in the promos at the end...


Adam Rickitt is the Doctor in Doctor Who, Jesse and Jeremy 92

Nov. 4th, 2008 | 05:23 pm
posted by: chasepan in prettyboyfandom


The new chapter of this XXX story is up. In this continuing saga, Adam Rickitt is now the degenerated Doctor, now trapped on Gallifrey as time mixes up from all over Gallifrey's past and pieces of Earth have been taken to the Death Zone. UK and US soap characters are in the Death Zone in a mixed town from all over Earth. Daleks, Sycorax, and Sontarans are on the way!

(no subject)

Nov. 5th, 2006 | 10:15 am
posted by: chasepan in prettyboyfandom


rated: R to X

Doctor Who, the 5th Doctor tries to stop Gilles De Rais from killing one particular boy...

“Good God, Adric did what?”

“That’s right, Doctor, he’s probably there now.” Nyssa sounded urgent.

In the console room, Tegan and Nyssa had run to the Doctor and told him about Adric’s plan. “Why couldn’t he have waited?” The Doctor turned, threw his hands up and stared at the wall, but turned back.

“That’s Adric,” Nyssa said.

“Begging your pardon, and it’s not like the little whelp and I have had the best of times with each other but he’s right!” Tegan snapped.

“What?” The Doctor looked at her, bending a bit to stare into her eyes. “Are you on something?”

“Yeah, a crusade,” Tegan said, “This guy, you were the one who told us that he was going to murder a young boy who’s line would lead to the discovery of how to turn evil Daleks and Cybermen into friendly ones…”

“Yes but history might compensate…”

“Might,” Tegan gasped, “Might? Anyway, this cold blooded stupid killer…”

“He wasn’t stupid…he was a kingmaker, a brave soldier, who’s exploits saved France from utter defeat in the Hundred Year’s War…”

“You sound like a textbook,” Tegan folded her arms, “He is a sadistic cold blooded killer who liked to sit on the bellies of young kidnapped peasant shepherd boys while they were dying from wounds given to them by him! While he masturbated ! What the hell is that?”

The Doctor sighed, “I know all that. Perhaps he picked up the bloodlust from killing young boys while serving Joan of Arc. And perhaps she kept him in line. It wasn’t until her death, that the young boys were starting to go missing…”

“An effete way of saying raped and slowly killed…” Tegan stamped.

Nyssa stood between them now, “All this talk isn’t getting us closer to Adric…”

“What else did he do?”

“Well, for one, we’re not in August anymore,” Nyssa said.

“He moved the TARDIS?”

“Yes and quite accurately, too, unlike…” Nyssa stopped this line of chatter as she saw the Doctor’s impatience. “He was fed up with all our efforts to stop this maniac…”

“Yes? And? Get on with it…”

“And,” Tegan took over. Again. “He stormed out and wearing an outfit of the times…”

“He’s going to stop Gilles de Rais…”

“Caught red handed…”

“Yes, that’s his plan.”

“I meant Adric! Come on!” The Doctor ran out of the already open doors. Tegan and Nyssa hurried after him. As he ran, the Doctor spoke, “Gilles was a retired war hero, a nobleman now…”

“Hardly noble…” Tegan puffed as she ran.

“Thing is, truth be told, he was born around Agincourt, during the Hundred Years War, which he took part in as a squire at age 13 or 14, retired now, in this time, he only had as life experience blood and war and killing….he yearned for excitement and blood…”


Nyssa went on, “Perhaps Adric’s right…” Tegan and the Doctor stopped, making her run into their backs. They turned to her.

Tegan nodded, “Preciously what I’ve been saying…”

“Nyssa,” the Doctor asked or said, not sure which.

“Well, we’ve tried to stop him the safer ways. The nobles wouldn’t listen.”

The Doctor put his chin skywards, “Perhaps we didn’t do enough…”

Tegan interrupted, “We showed two skeletons.”

“Could have been from a plot…”

“We alerted nobles to watch Gilles and his men kidnap shepherd boys…”

“So that fool thinks if nobles catch him first hand…?” The Doctor asked.

“Yes, Doctor, it seemed the only way rather than to wait until…”

“So he took the TARDIS to September 1440 when Rais is captured…but Adric didn’t read enough, Gilles was captured only for kidnapping a priest from a St Etienne church…”

“Wow, that was bad,” Tegan said sarcastically.

“His confession could have been coerced under threat of torture,” the Doctor played devil’s advocate.

“And with all the peasant boys that vanished?” Tegan asked.

“Surely the witnesses had nothing to gain by telling how their sons were slain…” Nyssa put in.

“I’m just saying there are two ways of looking at things. Maybe the peasants were paid off and their sons sent away or even killed by them to get favors from the nobles…”

“Is that what happened?” Nyssa asked.

“No, I’ve checked,” the Doctor said, “Come on, every second we delay, Adric is in danger of losing…”

“Losing what, Doctor?” Nyssa innocently asked.

“Limbs,” Tegan saved the Doctor. She was the first to start running again.

At the castle, the Doctor ran up the doors, where there were guards. “Ahh, yes, papers, you see, I’ve got some important news for the nobleman of the house…”

“Yes?” The guard asked, wary.

“I mustn’t shout it out,” the Doctor said and added, “Come closer…so that I may whisper it…” The other guard watched as the first guard moved closer to the Doctor. The Doctor brought his knee up to the guard’s stomach while putting his arm behind the man and punching on it hard.

“Doctor!” Nyssa gasped as Tegan flat out punched the other guard down. The Doctor bent over and made sure a nerve pinch would keep him down for awhile.

“I’m sorry about the, ahh, the violence but I haven’t time to mince words. And very probably these two know about the noble’s, uhm, desire to have young boys and then dispose of them…” the Doctor talked breathlessly.

“I understand,” Nyssa said, “But I’ve never…”

“I say it’s about time,” Tegan said, “Now what?”

“This is Adric we’re talking about. I can’t lose him. Not this way…I’ll search the hidden wall exits and entrances, you two take the direct route to his bedroom. I doubt he’s got Adric there yet but if so, find me and …”

“Yeah, right,” Tegan took off, “Let’s go, Nyssa…”

“That girl’s going to be the death of me one day or perhaps some other girl…” The Doctor strode inside and went directly a wall and pressed. It opened, “Wella…”

In the passage, the Doctor saw a demonic face. Wings. Teeth, fangs, brown skin. “Just what I thought, the demon Barron…” It rushed at him with fangs bared….

While that was happening, Adric’s shepherd boy draw string pants were being removed. “No,” Adric said as he struggled.

Gilles had already removed his frock coat and in fact, all his clothing. They lay strewn over the bed Adric was laid out on. He had been punched in the jaw. “Don’t struggle, or rather not too much,” Gilles, sharp features, slight goatee, leaned over him. His body was not unattractive Adric thought. He could see how any boy with even slight homosexual overtones could be mesmerized by it. Gilles put his legs over Adric’s, now that he had pulled down the pants far enough. Adric’s extremely long cock was hanging out, now excited, probably a reaction to the danger, Adric surmised. His heart raced. Gilles held his wrists down and put his weight on Adric’s, knees on Adric’s hips, Gilles leaned over him and put his face to Adric’s. Adric turned his head to try to bite him. Gilles laughed, “Oh you are a spirited one, boy!” He put his mouth to Adric’s ear, brushing with his tongue, the long dark locks aside. “I shall keep your head, it’s one of the prettier ones I’ve ever encountered. And as for your skin…” Slightly sitting up, and looking at Adric, Gilles began to thrust as Adric continued to protest. “I shall keep both your heads…” He still held the wrists and his weight held Adric down.

Was he fighting as hard as he could. Adric grew harder and harder himself. His cock launched up Gilles’s bare belly and slithered a long line of thick pre cum. “Oh no!”

“Don’t worry, boy, it happens,” Gilles said. He punched Adric’s face again and let go of one wrist to grab up a knife from a small secret compartment on the bed post. “It will be magnificent.” He lunged but as he did, the doors burst open, Nyssa nerve pinching a guard out there, feigning a hug. “What the…?”

Tegan wasted no time. She scooped up a vase and, as Gilles protested that it was some valuable ancient piece, she battered it over his head, ignoring the hooks that were lining the ceiling on the far wall, some of them with bits of boy flesh still on them. Gilles fell to one side. Nyssa slammed the door shut, “Is Adric alive?”

“Yes,” Adric rubbed his chin, “Thanks…Doc…” Sitting up, he saw Tegan, “tor…”

Tegan smiled down at him, “Wrong again, Adric…” Then she went wide eyed at seeing his ten inch cock, dripping. “Uhm,” she turned.

Nyssa had joined her on the other side of the bed however. She looked down, “I’m so glad you’re…” she caught sight of it also. “oh.”

Adric went red. “Mind turning around?”

“Oh,” Nyssa didn’t respond right away, “Turning around. Right.”

She turned and Tegan joined her and the two of them moved to the far side of the room. Tegan was snickering. Nyssa was still wide eyed. Nyssa asked, “Did you see that?”

Adric was quickly pulling his draw string pants up and trying to find where the smock Gilles took off him, literally tore off him, was. While doing this, he tried to catch what they were saying and only caught snatches.

Tegan giggled, “See it? I couldn’t see anything but it.” The two gathered together and giggled some more, their backs to Adric.

“Making fun of me again?” Adric asked. “Not adequate…”

“More than,” Tegan laughed. “Just that you thought it was your precious Doctor come to save you…”

Adric stood up, “Let’s get out of here, shall we? This plan is moot…”


“And…” he smiled at them, “Thank you, Tegan. And you too, Nyssa. It’s good to know someone cares enough to come save me…”

“You are very welcome,” Tegan smiled back. “I knew you had it in you to say thank you.”

“That….thing was not me, Tegan, I keep telling you. It was the Master’s projection. I was trying to make it not say thank you so you’d see something was up, that it wasn’t the real me.”

“Oh,” Tegan said.

Nyssa smiled. “Maybe the real you should say it more often…”

Adric grew angry, “Look, can we just go…” He felt uncomfortable, feeling a wet spot growing at his penis head.

Suddenly, the doors burst open. Three co conspirators, dressed finely, along with five soldiers burst in. They had swords drawn. The leader of the nobles, pointed, “Kill them, right now!”

In the passageway, the Doctor waved a bag of red stuff at the creature. The red stuff had smoked when the creature yelled. “Not your…uhm, bag, is it, Barron? Sorry but I can’t let you have Gilles kill that one last boy. He’s much needed…”

“The boy upstairs? He’s yours. I’ll stop him!!!!”

“Not that boy! THAT boy is mine. There would be another victim thanks to your meddling. I’ll need that boy’s family line to continue. I do so like to think of that future where I can put an arm around a Cyberman and hug a Dalek…”

“NOOOOOOO!” the monster vanished in a puff of smoke.

“Bye bye,” the Doctor said, “So sorry you had to for a puff…Very handy stuff this…” He palmed the bag but then decided to leave it in the passageway, “Just in case…”

Adric’s face grew red. “You know of the murders. You knew what he was going to do to me. Even now as you all face criminal trials and execution….how…” It was then they heard the monster’s last cry, a howling.

But even that absurd moaning and last scream from the demon didn’t deter them. “I said run them through…each of them, through their hearts and then we can get to work cutting up their bodies for hiding…”

“No!” Nyssa gasped in Tegan’s grasp. Tegan had held her close and shut her eyes.

Adric’s eyes glazed over. Something deep down took over. His eyes shut and then went wide. His hands rose up. He stood in front of the girls. He wanted to say something to defend them but something from deep in his thorax rose up. His voice box shook. The unearthly sound that came from his throat was something Nyssa and Tegan will never forget. The Doctor or Romana or K9 would have recognized it, had any of them been there. It sounded like a Marshman. The howl of a Marshman. It knocked the swords from the soldiers’ hands and any guns the nobles had drawn out, also fell. The men were knocked against the wall. All were crying that this was some demonic avenger or even God stopping their evil and coming against them for aiding a demonic evil person like Gilles. They well knew his summoning of the demon Barron. To them, Adric had been taken over by something angelic or demonic that was coming against them for their own sins. Adric’s eyes glazed again and the men parted as he walked toward them, hands raised. “Come!”

“I thought you already did,” Tegan gasped.

“Tegan!” Nyssa gasped.

Tegan led Nyssa out the door. Adric stared at the men as Gilles began to recover. He backed out the door, not taking his eyes off them. They avoided his stare. Those penetrating eyes. Cutting right through them. The window to their souls, black souls, clouded by the deaths of over 70 young boys, most of them shepherd and peasant boys, but a few noble boys.

In the lobby, the trio met up with the Doctor. Who waved. “Let’s get outta here. I saved the day again.”

“You pompous ass,” Tegan raved, “WE saved Adric.”

“Who in turn saved us,” Nyssa said, “From the guards…”

“Really?” The Doctor asked, “how?”

As the girls started to relate how, Adric interrupted, “Ahhh, I think we should really go…” he pointed to the guards outside. The two were starting to stir.

Later in the TARDIS, Adric knocked on the door to Tegan and Nyssa’s room. He asked them to keep it on the down low. “What?” Tegan asked, “That you liked being raped and …”

“Not that.”

“I was joking.”

“I know. And for the record thanks again.”

“Thank you, for saving us,” Tegan added.

“It’s just that, my abilities and bloodlust as a marsh man…I like to keep that buried deep, so deep I can’t really call on them.”

“But…but, Adric, that’s what saved us,” Nyssa reminded him.

“I know, but you must know that…” Adric turned to leave.

“Where are you going?”

He didn’t turn back to them. “Some day, those alien qualities might put you, the Doctor, the whole TARDIS in danger of some kind…I have to keep them locked away…” then he turned back to the girls, “If de Rais did that, maybe he wouldn’t have turned into such a monster…”

“Adric, you’re not Gilles de Rais,” Tegan stood off her bed. She put her hands on his shoulders, “And I think you and I have just become good friends…”

She could see tears welling up in his eyes and it embarrassed him. Nyssa sat on the bed and smiled. “Good,” she thought, “It’s about time…”

God (?) Save Our King

Jul. 21st, 2006 | 09:43 am
posted by: chasepan in prettyboyfandom

Anyone watch this? It is full of pretty boys, in fact, there's not a non pretty boy in site in most eps!

other Tomorrow People on line

Jul. 19th, 2006 | 03:20 pm
posted by: chasepan in prettyboyfandom

This yahoo club has to be joined. The other TP adult fic that is not allowed on the other site is on this one along with everything else. It ranges from G to XXX. There are also some one offs that are X rated as well incuding a revamp of the series from the beginning with an x rating. Oh and check out OBLIGATIONS, it has the Tp meeting some evil but pretty boy pirate aliens who also turn out to be sometime heroes later on...some of em, some stay evil , all stay pretty...and lotsa other pretty boys in the TP fan fics...


(no subject)

Jul. 19th, 2006 | 03:18 pm
posted by: chasepan in prettyboyfandom

This lists fan fic of my friend. Some repeats might be noted. All are rated Pg13. Some have Earth 2 fic with Pretty Boys in it, including Antonio Sabato's Alonzo and Joey Zimmerman's Uly.


(no subject)

Jul. 19th, 2006 | 03:15 pm
posted by: chasepan in prettyboyfandom

An X rated Sky High story with two pretty boys and some side pretty boys


(no subject)

Jul. 19th, 2006 | 03:10 pm
posted by: chasepan in prettyboyfandom

This is an XXX THE TRIBE fic with about five pretty boys.


A R rated LOST IN SPACE fic with Will and a green girl


Will from LOST IN SPACE and Barry from LAND OF THE GIANTS get it on. XXX!
This is Very XXX rated.


an unfinished TOMORROW PEOPLE story--rated X!

a rated R Space: 1999 story with pretty boy Jackie a bit more grown up.

and an XXX Dinotopia/Veritas story

(no subject)

Jul. 19th, 2006 | 03:04 pm
posted by: chasepan in prettyboyfandom

This is rated R but most chapters are PG13. It is about Peter Pan and is called PETER PAN AND ME. It concerns pretty boy Peter Pan who turns a man into a pretty boy and brings him to Neverland. They fall in love.