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Nick Hoult is the Master!

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Jun. 13th, 2009 | 10:28 pm
posted by: chasepan in prettyboyfandom

Title: Doctor Who, Jesse and Jeremy episode 97

Pairings: Mostly the Doctor with Jesse and Jeremy but also the Master and others

Rating: Mostly XXX, part 97 is PG-13 or R

Summary: The Doctor has fallen in love with two 20 somethings who saved his life. Currently: there's a time mess on Gallifrey, the Doctor's been missing for years, but only a few weeks to the boys. ANd he's degenerating back through his many prvious selves. Currenly he changed from the Patrick Stewart Doctor into the former Adam Rickitt Doctor.

This new chapter, 97, sees the debut of the Nick Hoult (SKINS) Master!


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