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The Pretty Boy Fandom FanClub!
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Right, welcome to the Pretty Boy Fandom FanClub! This is basically a community for all of the pretty boys in the various fandoms that we enjoy oogling!

The fandoms can range from films to books, from anime to games and everything in between. No matter what the fandom, whether it is popular or obscure, from this country or not, if it's a film, book or game, as long as it has at least one pretty boy in it, you can join in! ^_^ We're generous and accepting like that.

Also we have decided that pretty girls can be oogled here as well, but the moderators reserve the right to deem any pretty boy/ girl as unsuitable!

OK, basically this community has been set up for the unashamed worship of all pretty boys no matter who they are, where they're from, how old they are, or whether they would kill us or not if they met us in real life.

I am hoping that we will be able to make this quite an involved community, one that will feature icons, fanfictions, screen caps, photos (if you're lucky enough to have them), competitions and all sorts of other things to show our appreciation of all things male and pretty.

The Rules (AKA: The boring but necessary bit)
1. Anyone can join this community, which means that anyone can be thrown out as well! Please show a little respect for other people in the community and don't start a flame war simply because you think that... I dunno, that Sayoran from 'Cardcaptors' is no way prettier than Subaru from 'Tokyo Babylon'.

2. While anything is accepted here (icons, fanfiction etc) anything that contains important spoilers for any series, includes adult content, all fanfictions and any large pictures MUST! be put under a Livejournal cut so as to protect any little kiddies that come along and because it messes up people's Flists and takes ages to upload things like pictures.

3. Please keep swearing in an open post to a general minimum so we don't traumatise the children. As much fun as it is to traumatise children apparently it's considered to be a bad thing. *shrugs*

4. Anything posted on this community must in someway have something to do with at least one pretty boy (or girl) from at least one fandom! A 'Pretty Boy' (or 'Pretty Girl') is a male (or female) of any age who is particularly cute, hot, sexy, good looking or simply pretty. There are plenty of examples of these in most Japanese manga and anime, and a rather good number in films and telly, and apparently there are some in games and books as well, but I'm leaving that to oppinion. If I feel that your post is particularly irrelevant, I reserve the right to delete it without prior warning

5. I will (hopefully) be assisted in the upkeep of this community by lycoris, but even with both of us on the job due to other commitments (university, work, families) we may not always be able to keep an eye on things and keep things going, so if we happen to be absent for a while, do not fear for our safety, but please post some interesting things for us to enjoy when we get back!

6. If you manage to particularly annoy the moderators with the way you behave, I will block you from ever posting in this community, and that is my final word. It takes quite a bit to get me really riled up and so if you do manage to get me so annoyed that I ban you, then consider it your own fault. You will be given one warning before a dismissal, unless you are especially foul.
(boring bit ends!)

Anyway, come in and have a nice time, feel free to post and have fun!

By the way, if anyone wants to suggest any other fandoms with pretty boys (or girls), feel free as I simply took the ones that currently appear in the favourites list from the ones that I had within reach and I may end up changing some of it to just 'almost every anime and manga under the sun'